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Celebrating seven stellar years with our Talent Director, Tanya.

Celebrating Damien: the driving force behind Struber's creative and digital success.

Boost Organisational Efficiency and Growth by Outsourcing Talent Procurement and Training.

Turning social licence into a superpower.

Stop making boring reports – Our 5 top tips.

Local procurement is more than a submission trend post-Coronavirus.

Outside the City Limits: Comparing Regional and Metropolitan Engagement.

A Participatory Approach to Designing and Delivering Organisational Strategy

Looking to 2032 – The Olympics and its legacy

Empowering women in construction

Integrated Learning and Development is your answer to the skills shortage.

Building business resilience

How diversity can drive performance

A rights-based perspective to community and stakeholder engagement.

Creating accessible engagement solutions for your community

Three key infrastructure challenges and opportunities unique to engaging communities in NSW

Wrap up 2021 with Struber

What I’ve learnt in the last two years - a consultant’s perspective

The 5 features of placemaking and how it empowers communities to design their neighbourhoods

Three key infrastructure challenges and opportunities unique to engaging communities in QLD

Values I apply to business: shared by my Dad

Achieving empathetic engagement: how emphatic communications and engagement play an integral role in effective emergency management

How live survey tools can really boost authentic engagement

What does your #FutureOfWork look like?

Go clean but be seen

Five positioning tips to enhance your brand

Seven tips for achieving positive community development

Project interface management and communication and engagement – two peas in a pod you need to know

Identifying real influencers is actually the powerful first step to success

Three great tips to easily communicate and engage with stakeholders

How a healthy team culture delivers every project to success

How virtual engagement absolutely changed the way we engage

The 4 T’s of virtual tendering

Four top tips to keep your team a step ahead of the game each week

Nine quick ways leaders can move to a culture of experimentation

Four ways leaders can achieve a healthy workflow amid this health crisis

Debriefing, the champion of project recommendation reports.

Three steps to navigating stakeholder success on a major project

The art of efficiency is communication

How a storytelling in project planning can get you a happy project ending

Four ways to engage teams and inspire ownership in delivery outcomes

Six key steps to implement innovation for your business

Keeping remote teams connected and tools that help

Four simple but innovative tools that helps expedite and de-hassle team members

Four basic tools to set up project communications and engagement for success

Is lack of community and stakeholder management scoped as a risk to your project

Video engagement for lasting impact.

The foundations of community liaison – budget, value add and managing relationships

The blueprint of winning a tender

Stakeholder identification is a vital step for projects success.

Sharpen up your engagement planning

How to get a client to read your corporate document

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