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Integrated Learning and Development is your answer to the skills shortage.

02 December, 2022

Businesses have faced unprecedented workforce challenges over the last two years with skills shortages across all disciplines and industries. Where finding, retaining, and developing talent has become a priority for many businesses, Learning and Development (L&D) is providing both short and long-term solutions.

In the short term, L&D supports recruitment with a value add for new staff. Above and beyond a role and a paycheck, it’s a commitment to supporting new team members and helping them grow and develop their skills. It’s widely trending that job seekers are prioritising roles that offer L&D opportunities.

Looking longer term, L&D serves to create a more agile, resilient, and adaptive team. It supports staff retention by allowing team members to build capabilities. And importantly, it can evolve to support changing business directions, project pipelines, and new technologies. Companies that offer L&D opportunities have found employees are more engaged, productive, and ready to support organisational goals.

So, how do you integrate L&D to mitigate workforce challenges?

Assess strategies and frameworks.

As with any business function, L&D requires consideration.

How do you support existing staff?

What is the business/project goals?

What are the critical skills gaps?

How do we deliver learning?

An L&D strategy should respond to these and other organisational questions to ensure effectiveness and value for money in delivery. A clear strategy and supporting framework for implementing L&D activities will help support and encourage learning at all levels and importantly focus talent development to respond to organisational needs.

Embrace new technologies.

A key challenge of L&D is time.

Time to coordinate and develop training (courses, modules, supporting collateral), and staff time to complete the learning.

New technologies, such as AI videos, that support e-learning are fast becoming the preferred option. Learning online is a flexible approach where learning becomes part of the work environment. Modules and courses can be developed in a variety of formats and lengths, with the flexibility to schedule learning at a time that suits the employee.

Foster collaborative experiences.

For the best results – value for money, engaged team members, increased culture, aligned skillsets, and capabilities –you can’t beat a holistic, collaborative approach.

Nurturing staff and co-designing learning creates buy-in to the L&D process and encourages team members to personally drive their learning outcomes. It leaves a brighter impact on individual learners but also serves to build a proactive development culture and high-performing teams, realising benefits now and into the future.

Struber is not immune to the workforce challenges descried above. As we’ve grown, we’ve learnt that our L&D function has to provide a collaborative and dynamic space for our team to evolve and adapt to an ever-changing industry. It is woven into our organisational mantras and business objectives, and is a key contributor to our Great Place to Work Certification.

Creating learning experiences that maximise participation, impact, and insights and drive long-lasting, positive outcomes – is a service we’re eager to share with our clients, and industry. We know our clients, both public and private, have ambitious plans to build infrastructure to create a brighter future for all. However, the workforce demand is anticipated to reach well beyond our ability as an industry to service these ambitions.

Whether you are experiencing difficulty attracting the right talent, leading a disengaged team, or struggling to develop in-house skills, we can ensure your efforts are delivered with an edge and without the usual trial and error. We integrate the right learning and development solution to propel your staff, projects, and businesses to overcome these challenges and succeed.


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