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Celebrating seven stellar years with our Talent Director, Tanya.

14 November, 2023

A tribute to Tanya: seven years of leadership, resilience and success at Struber.

Tanya's journey with us started seven years ago, and we are incredibly proud to acknowledge the significant contributions and Bright Impact that has been greatly influenced by Tanya's presence.

“Tanya is an absolute powerhouse - her ability to find incredible talent, create smart programs and business efficiencies while keeping people and care at the centre is a unique skillset. She’s been an invaluable leader during Struber’s growth and market expansion.” 

- Debra Lancelot, Executive Director - Struber

Over the years, she has spearheaded several innovative training programs and her thoughtful succession planning policies ensure that our team is future-ready, primed for new opportunities and can tackle the challenges ahead.

At Struber, we are committed to creating an inclusive and vibrant workplace, and Tanya has been absolutely instrumental in this desire. Through her diligent practices, she has nurtured a culture of equality and respect that resonates with all of us. We appreciate her uncompromising focus on maintaining a healthy and balanced work environment that boosts our morale and performance.

Without a doubt, Tanya walks the talk. She demonstrates a unique blend of undertakings and inspiration that encourages us to strive for excellence. Tanya’s dedication, enthusiasm, and the Struber energy she exudes inspire us to bring our best to work every day. It is this infectious energy that makes her a vital leader for the Struber team.

As we reflect on Tanya's fantastic seven-year journey with us, we want to express our deepest gratitude. Tanya, your unwavering commitment, transformative leadership, and nurturing presence are deeply appreciated. You've helped shape Struber into the thriving tribe it is today. Here's to celebrating your authenticity and many more years of your leadership! Happy Anniversary, Tanya!

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