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Western Port Highway Upgrade T12

Western Port Highway Upgrade T12

Delivering safer and more reliable roads for metropolitan Victoria by thorough planning, communication and engagement.

$80 million


07 December, 2021

Community and  stakeholder engagement, Struber’s strategy was an embedded resource to support the creating and deliver of all  communication collateral in relation to early works and the two-week 24/7 closure.

Struber developed two Communication Action Plans, one to support the delivery of early works activities including vegetation removal and site establishment. The other Plan was developed to support communication and engagement activities in the lead up to and during a two-week 24/7 full closure of two intersections.

Both Action Plans were created based around highly impacted stakeholders and local businesses. Tactics included personalised approaches for businesses and stakeholders to access businesses and private property during the closures.

Along with the two Communication Action Plans, Struber also delivered all associated communication collateral, including Works Notifications, Construction Updates, EDM content for both the early works and closure.

Finally, Struber delivered on the ground face-to-face engagement with stakeholders and businesses, where valuable relationships were built, and which resulted in a smooth and successful closure for most highly impacted stakeholders and businesses.

Struber delivered a successful communications approach in the lead  up to a two-week 24/7 closure where all highly impacted stakeholders were  aware of the closure and understood the access requirements.

The program was successful due to early planning and engagement with businesses and stakeholders to ensure their voices were heard and  concerns mitigated ahead of the major disruption.

Through this solid working relationships have been established  with highly impacted stakeholders and businesses in the works area.

When the works initially commenced there was a challenge around  driver behaviours and high complaints. Through providing more information do  influential community groups we saw a large decrease of complaints.

The following contributed to the success of the project:
  • Early and transparent communication with highly impacted stakeholders and businesses, this included knowing stakeholders on first name basis and their vehicle movements, which enabled meticulous planning and a smooth implementation with this group of stakeholders. The team created visuals to support this information and educate the construction team
  • Thorough planning at the beginning to understand requirements from each impacted individual
  • Clear communication collateral outlining the upcoming impacts and disruptions
  • Struber being embedded on the ground assisted the construction team to understand impacts and help resolve issues as they arose

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