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Parramatta Light Rail

Parramatta Light Rail

Launching Parramatta Light Rail with strong branding, communication strategies and operational systems.

$2.4 billion

Parramatta Connect

26 April, 2023

The Parramatta Light Rail project, managed by Parramatta Connect (a CPB Downer Joint Venture), aimed to rejuvenate and connect communities across a span of 12 kilometres between Westmead, Carlingford, Parramatta CBD, and Camellia.

Struber joined the bid team in the latter stages to rejuvenate and reposition the JV, and following the successful project award, provided critical start-up for nine months to set up the project for delivery success, including establishing and implementing the brand identity and communication tools.   

We established the processes, templates and systems to establish early engagement across five precincts and developed a management plan that focused on getting the basics right and going beyond. This also filtered into the internal communications culture where Struber focused on creating a JV team that works together and recognises communities and stakeholder matters.

We developed a cohesive visual identity that represented all joint venture parties, and was recognisable and versatile across traditional and digital communication tools, both internally and externally.   

The project was a success, with Struber delivering key components within the critical nine-month start-up period. This included the rollout of the Parramatta Connect brand within three months and the production of over 800 high-quality site progress images. The project successfully met early works timeframes due to Struber's ability to quickly mobilise an experienced team and establish the necessary systems and processes. Furthermore, a video nurturing campaign was initiated, resulting in the induction of over 800 workers.

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