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Queensland Health's QScript ICT solution

Queensland Health's QScript ICT solution

Undertaking a strategic review of engagement with prescribers, dispensers and consumers to ensure awareness and understanding about QScript.


26 April, 2023

Queensland Health’s QScript ICT solution will provide prescribers, pharmacists and dispensing medical practitioners with real-time information to enable safer decision making for monitored medications.

To identify gaps, limitations, opportunities and value-for-money solutions, Struber and TSA focused its strategic review on four key areas:

  • Review of existing collateral – proposed mediums, key messages and planning documentation
  • Multi-criteria risk assessment – considered impact and cost/effort of proposed and potential tactics
  • Stakeholder channel analysis – available channels including reach and integrity of message
  • Stakeholder engagement – in-depth interviews with a range of stakeholders to understand issues and opportunities

Struber and TSA’s tactics included:

  • Reviewed and analysed the existing strategy, approach, collateral and budget
  • Extensive stakeholder identification and mapping to understand synergies and available channels
  • In-depth stakeholder interviews to understand challenges, opportunities, and communication channels available
  • Developed a multi-criteria assessment tool to evaluate the value-for-money proposition of the proposed and recommended approach
  • Prepared a detailed report of findings, analysis and recommended approach and budget

Within a two-week period, the Struber and TSA team delivered:

  • In-depth interviews with 26 stakeholders including hospital and health services, PHNs, professional associations, private health organisations and multiple Queensland Health departments
  • Completed detailed stakeholder mapping of more than 80 organisations and associations
  • Developed a multi-criteria assessment tool to drive value-for-money decision making
  • Developed an 18-month implementation schedule
  • Prepared a comprehensive review and recommendations report, including full costing of potential tools and tactics, and analysis of stakeholder interviews

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