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Kulin Getaway: Immersive Learning Experience

Kulin Getaway: Immersive Learning Experience

During a 3-day experience managers transformed into high performance leaders.

11 November, 2022

Struber invests in the development of our leaders and wider team to be the best talent in the market. Our Kulin Getaway sent a group of our leaders and emerging leaders on an immersive learning experience to connect, inspire and unlock their full potential as leaders.

This immersive learning experience was designed to sow everyday leadership to our Associate Directors, including key objectives of:

-       Further develop leadership skills to drive impact on their teams

-       Provide meaningful opportunities to develop new relationships in the organisation they otherwise would not have

-       Recognise the important role they play at the organisation and their potential

Through this, we curated a holistic leadership experience  where we targeted priority leadership skills, provided mindful moments to inspire connection with the business and its goals, and allow them to connect with the wider national team on a deeper level.

Designing a 3-Day immersive learning event, the below leadership skills were prioritised by the organisation:

Day 1 – Focusing on identifying yourself as a leader (vulnerability and Psychological Safety)

-       Define what great Leadership looks like

-       Create a safe space to identify who you are as a leader

-       Make leadership an everyday language

-       Align teams on a common goal and instil accountability for results

Day 2 – Empowering others (building teamwork, giving feedback, and delegating effectively)

-       Develop a feedback-oriented culture and effectively deliver feedback

-       Create more effective collaboration across business units and states

-       Recognise the value of having challenging conversations

-       Navigate uncomfortable internal discussions (e.g., negotiating resources, challenging assumptions of more senior leaders, delivering tough feedback)

Day 3 - Future thinking (business mindset and taking it to the next level)

-       Foster innovation through diversity of thought and empower team to assert new ideas

-       Identify and address the needs of the future and how can they add value

The learning approach was blended; where in there was formal learning involved, interpersonal activities and online learning introduced as a toolkit. The whole experience was designed on mindsets and behaviours.

Post event debriefs, monitoring and surveys show a high applicability of the learnings acquired from the immersive learning experience.

“It has made a massive difference to the way I see myself not only professionally but personally, and the importance of making commitments to myself. My team will benefit from having a more engaged, vulnerable, and supportive leader (unafraid to delegate and support their growth).”

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