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South East Water 'Knowing our Neighbours'

South East Water 'Knowing our Neighbours'

Supporting SEW to make strategic decisions that require community interface.

South East Water

26 April, 2023

Water, sewage and recycled water services provider, South East Water (SEW) led the 'Knowing our Neighbours' project to better engage and support its communities in mutually beneficial ways. 

Struber was engaged to deliver three phases of the ongoing project to help SEW make strategic decisions that require community interface.

The first and second phases included building a directory of community groups and developing a decision-making methodology to rank the influential community groups. The rankings were based on three defined segments - the strength of the group’s connection to SEW’s values, focus areas and customer outcomes. 

The third phase consisted of identifying, benchmarking, and prioritising the community groups. This also included facilitating an engagement process to understand where mutually beneficial relationships could lie through stakeholder interviews. 

Struber mapped over 200 community groups while applying a robust decision-making methodology to greater understand the strength, credibility, influence, and alignment the groups had to SEW. Struber facilitated interviews with the community groups to understand more about each organisation and how SEW can support them in its Knowing our Neighbours project.

"Struber not only understood our goals but could elevate them, too. We are so thrilled with the outcomes and how the fantastic work unlocked a better support to our community" - Paige-Elise Galloway, Community Manager

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