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Geoscience Positioning Australia (PA) Program

Geoscience Positioning Australia (PA) Program

Providing a stakeholder scoping study that enables government, industry, and the community to draw on national data

Australian Government

26 April, 2023

Geoscience Australia (GA) is the national focal point for positioning coordination and is part of a global network delivering positioning capability through a network of ground station infrastructure and satellite technology.  

Through its Positioning Australia (PA) program, GA provides accurate, reliable and real-time positioning data across Australia and its maritime zones. 

The program enables government, industry, and the community to draw on GA’s trusted positioning data to support innovation, improve workplace and community safety, increase productivity and accelerate economic growth for our nation. 

The PA team sought the services of Struber to provide a stakeholder scoping study and engagement program to map PA stakeholders and provide an understanding of the full reach, stakeholder segments, potential and engagement with the PA program.

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