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Canberra Light Rail

Canberra Light Rail

Positioning Canberra's vision of the future for Canberra Light Rail

$2.5 million

Australian Government

26 April, 2023

Canberra Light Rail is the ACT’s biggest infrastructure project that will underpin Canberra’s integrated transport network, completing the north-south spine and acting as a crucial enabling project for light rail to be connected to other key areas throughout the city. Over several years since the project's inception, Struber has been engaged in various stages and with government and private teams to support the delivery of the Canberra Light Rail (CLR) project.

The first stage in delivering a faster, more convenient and sustainable public transport strategy for the people of the ACT, the Canberra Light Rail Stage 1 is a 12-kilometer corridor from the City to Gungahlin, incorporating 13 stops. Struber was engaged by the ACT Government to develop a proactive and multi-faceted approach to engage and empower both the community and stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the project.

Canberra Light Rail Stage 2 was divided into 2 parts, 2 and 2A. Stage 2 connects Civic to Woden, through the Parliamentary Triangle. This will create a north-south spine for our city, bringing the benefits of light rail south of Lake Burley Griffin. While 2A will extend the light rail to Commonwealth Park.

Struber was engaged by the ACT Government and Transport Canberra to engage the community and position Canberra’s vision for the future, acknowledging the government’s plans for growth, reducing congestion and enhancing the city’s liveability. Subsequently, Struber was engaged by the ACT Government and AECOM to support the implementation of strategic framework engagement practices for Canberra Light Rail and to support the management of community engagement interfaces for the early and enabling works phase for light rail to Woden stage 2A.

Struber’s expertise in project delivery and thorough understanding of the intricacies of major infrastructure projects allowed the team to continuously support, develop and deliver across these stages. Combining our strategic advice, strategies and planning, stakeholder engagement, community mapping and data and documentation, Struber has been instrumental in the sustainable legacy of this infrastructure development.

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